Who We Are:


We are a church with a Heart for Christ and a Heart for Caring:
If you were to ask around, "what is MCC known for?" we think you would probably hear many people say, "that's a very caring church!" Whether loving the people who visit us from week to week or caring for folks in our community that have a need, we work hard to be a church that is marked by our warmth and kindness. We believe that it shows. 
That love and kindness is a direct reflection of Jesus. He is the reason for everything we do here at MCC. It's true that we care for people but even more importantly we love JESUS and we strive to make His name great in our community, in our worship, and in our lives. 

A Christian Church:
We are not the only Christians, but we are Christians only. We claim no other name or denomination. 

A Non-Denominational Church:
MCC is part of a fellowship of likeminded churches that together support Bible Colleges and missionaries. All decisions for this church are made by the local congregation. We choose leaders from our membership to direct and oversee the ministries of the church

A Mission Minded Church:
We send and support evangelistic and benevolent missions throughout the world. We encourage our finest people to accept the call to a greater Kingdom service, and we support them through generous mission offerings.

A Praying Church: 
We daily lift before God fervent prayers of praise, confession, thanksgiving and petition.